Hey there! My name is Chris.

Right now, I'm working at Microsoft, helping to build a faster and more fluid version of Teams. Previously, I was at Twitter, working in Trust and Safety engineering.

I'm eager to use my skills to build inclusive and meaningful experiences, on and off the web. If you know of a project that might be a good fit, please email me at cb@cbolton.net.


Operationalizing Homework

Creating the ultimate school workflow with Trello and GCal

Hacking Shopify's Hack Days

Building Shopify's Hackathon engine through culture design

Student Club Adventures

Leading a team of 22 students and running 20 events, all while still having fun


C19 Response Coalition

Multilingual COVID-19 support, sourced by community members

Biome Search

Unified search across all of your favourite business apps

Mapping Myself

Tracking a month of school and life with Mapbox and plain Javascript

Calendar Scripting

Writing a domain specific language to master calendar scheduling

Code Coverage Viz

Analyzing performance to drive code testing strategies


UBC nwHacks Hackathon

Delivering technical workshops to hundreds of hackers

UBC BizTech Club

Bringing hands-on learning and career opportunities to 400 members

YWCA Culture Shift

Confronting gender discrimination across media, tech, and society

Commerce Student Society

Writing policy for UBC's largest undergraduate society

The Next Big Thing

Empowering young entrepreneurs to shape the future of technology